FinTech For All

We are a coalition of companies creating an inclusive FinTech sector where diverse talent thrives, driving innovation & growth.

  • Take part in our 60 second survey into harassment across FinTech.
  • It's anonymous. No experience is ‘too small’ to share. You don’t name names.
  • Help us to understand the cultural problems so that we can work with the industry to address them.

About the research project

InChorus has partnered with Innovate Finance, FinTech Alliance and Level 39 to carry out an industry-wide research project, sponsored by Revolut, into non-inclusive behaviours known as ‘microaggressions’.

We want to help create a ‘speak up’ culture across FinTech. Because when employees feel empowered to speak up about problematic behaviours, we end a silence that harms individuals, companies, and the sector at large.

Our research is powered by InChorus’ technology. The web app enables anyone working within FinTech to simply and anonymously share their experience in around 60 seconds.

InChorus will then aggregate this anonymous data across the industry in order to understand where the biggest issues are. We can then take steps to change things through targeted interventions and greater collaboration around the issues that the data directs us towards.

Help us to create a FinTech For All.

What is a microaggression?

Our Approach

Prevention is better than cure

Being serious about inclusive cultures means we’re not afraid to look at the hard stuff. In line with the FCA’s guidance, and upcoming legislation, we are focused on helping companies to prevent harassment - rather than reacting to it only once something serious has happened. This forward-thinking approach sets our allies apart.

What’s measured is improved

We’re serious about culture change. In fact, we believe in approaching culture like other business functions - we start with data to explore the problem, design targeted interventions, and measure to see if we’ve achieved progress.

Collaboration is crucial

When it comes to solving systemic problems, we believe in collaborating to share what’s working and what isn’t, so that we can all move forward together, faster.


What is InChorus?
InChorus is an anonymous reporting platform for you to log any incident of bias or harassment that you’ve experienced.
Can I name an individual?
No. InChorus is designed to show patterns and trends and provides us with the insight needed to take action at an industry level. Instead, of taking a name we’ll ask about what happened, where it happened, and some demographic information about who was involved.
How does it work?
It takes about 60 seconds to flag your experience via InChorus. We’ll ask you to select dropdown answers to capture what you’ve experienced and aggregate this data to show problem areas. Because you’re anonymous you won't receive any direct feedback or action.
Am I anonymous?
Yes! We do not take any personal information such as your email address or IP address. You only have to the share the demographic information about yourself that you are comfortable with, and we always aggregate the data in a way that protects your anonymity.
What will happen when I capture my experience?
We will look at the aggregated data and share this with our partners. The goal here is to identify trends and explore initiatives that might address these.

About InChorus

InChorus provides analytics & data-led interventions to build more inclusive workplaces.

InChorus’ software allows employees to anonymously log incidents of harassment. This data is then aggregated into key insights and can be used to create customised training offerings and solutions. In this way, InChorus enables companies to manage the best diversity and inclusion initiatives and focus on prevention- steering their culture away from more severe incidents.